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CAMPUS HAAT’s mission is a robust inter-connection among students, residents, shopkeepers and service providers inside and in the surrounding areas of college campuses to eradicate the everyday hassle by providing:Peer to Peer Trade, Accommodation Listing, Room Delivery, Transport, Renting bikes and A Lot of Other Features.

It started with our decision to provide a better customer value service  and create a simple tool for determining what’s the expected market price when ceciding the selleing price of an object. Eventually, though, we realized that we cannot keep track or the prices of every object in real time and especially the lesser price items. Hence, we decided to provide a hassle free recommended price for the easy going of our clients. The Depreciation Calculator computes the value of an item based on its age and replacement value.

And so we built an added feature, Recommended Price – our humble attempt to solve the problem of hogging over what price to sell an article or gadget for. We went around colleges surveying and finding out what prices a certain article can be sold for after an x amount of time and in it’s present condition. We hope to lessen your burden and save your time although youare free to negotite with the other parties. Our number is just an average price and may not be in any case misunderstood as the absolute price. We recommend you to refer other sources for a better understanding of an actual number.  We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and we look forward to improving Campus Haat in the months and years to come.

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