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The bloom of technological advancements and applications have made our lives easier in many contexts. We have numerous applications for various needs such as food, accommodation, transportation etc.  As someone has very wisely expressed Time is of the essence and every second counts and hence we need to utilize it efficiently. Therefore, It’s important to know what caters to our needs and exclusively solves our problems and justifies our time, energy and data usage.


We cater to the needs of college campuses and surrounding peer networks by creating a self sustaining ecosystem.CampusHaat is an e-HAAT, a hyper local community platform where all the students, professors, residents, local vendors can join, participate and eventually benefit each other. Bring community members under one banner to fulfill local needs.


We tried searching for an online service which enabled us to connect with our peers for such purposes.  And to our complete surprise we couldn’t find any functioning application to cater to our needs in most Indian colleges and millions of students who reside in such college campuses. We decided to create something to cater to the youth of your country. Something every Batman needs, it’s Alfred.  Why don’t we build a platform where students of one particular college can connect with each for the purpose of buying, selling, trading used goods and sharing each other’s resources, booking transport and ordering food and renting places to live along with all the basic necessities and maid services and a forum to share college gossip, pictures and news with our peers. CAMPUS HAAT is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you, college students, can connect with your peers for the purpose of buying, selling, renting and auctioning used stuff such as course books, study material, class notes, novels, electronics (speakers, headphones, etc), course accessories (drafters, calculators), coolers, bikes, cycles, everything and anything you want in the comfort of your own college campus


You can auction any item and the highest bidder will get it at the end of the semester. You can even donate any item you want to the needy.

Not only this, you can connect with each other and the owners to find flats, PG, dorms/flatmates and that too which are exclusive to bachelors. You will even get a starter furniture pack which will contain all the basic and required furniture and can also enlist the maid service. And if you commute to the campus every day, you can book and find find rideshare partners (for that cab, bus or auto ride) or arrange carpools, so that you can save on the travel cost and posting on the app’s college timeline to share frantic and fantastic moments with their peers whether it be an event schedule or an exquisite bird at a dorm room window.

We know how valuable every penny of your pocket money or monthly budget is. And Campus Haat helps you earn a lot of money by giving you a dedicated marketplace for your own college where you can upload your used stuff, list your ads and find potential buyers and suitors for your stuff. You can also save loads of money by finding great deals offered by your own college peers, vendors, shop keepers and our application partners.

Upload and search for ads on your college marketplace. Meet your peers in the comfort of your campus. Earn and save money. Make new friends, expand your social network.





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